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What are the industries that use plastic trays?

Blister trays are widely used in various industries for packaging and protecting products.  These trays, which are formed through a blister molding process, are mainly made of plastic and have a thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 2mm.  They are designed with specific grooves to securely hold and beautify the items they package.


One of the main industries that utilize blister trays is the electronics industry. These trays are commonly used to package electronic products, providing them with a safe and organized space during storage and transportation. The trays are designed to have a strong bearing capacity, ensuring that delicate electronic components are well-protected.

The toy industry also benefits from the use of blister trays. Toys are often fragile and prone to damage during handling and shipping. Blister trays offer a sturdy packaging solution that prevents breakage and ensures the toys reach their destination intact. The trays can be customized according to the shape, structure, and weight of the toys, providing the necessary strength and protection.

In the stationery industry, blister trays are used to package various items such as pens, pencils, erasers, and rulers. These trays not only protect the products from damage but also display them attractively. Stationery items are often displayed for sale in retail stores, and blister trays provide an eye-catching presentation that showcases the products effectively.

The technology product industry also relies on blister trays for packaging purposes. With the increasing demand for gadgets and accessories, these trays offer a convenient and secure packaging solution. They can be customized to fit products of different sizes and shapes, making them ideal for packaging various technology products, including mobile phones, tablets, headphones, and cables.

Additionally, the cosmetics industry utilizes blister trays to package beauty and personal care products. These trays not only protect the items from damage but also enhance their visual appeal. Cosmetics are often displayed in retail stores, and blister trays help create an attractive presentation that entices customers.


Blister trays are also widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. When used in these industries, materials such as HIPS, BOPS, PP, and PET are preferred due to their food-safe properties. These trays are designed to meet the specific packaging needs of food and pharmaceutical products, ensuring their freshness, hygiene, and integrity.

Overall, blister trays are versatile packaging solutions used in various industries. Their adaptability allows them to accommodate a wide range of products, from electronics and toys to stationery, technology products, cosmetics, and even food and pharmaceutical items. The use of different materials, such as PET, further enhances the suitability of blister trays for specific packaging requirements. These trays not only protect the products but also enhance their presentation, making them an essential tool for businesses in different sectors.

Post time: Jun-19-2023