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Zhuhai Jimu Blister Plastic Co., Ltd.

Since 2001

Zhuhai Jimu Blister Plastic Co., Ltd. was established on July 6, 2001. Its main business is the processing of PVC, PS, PP, PET and other blister products, as well as PE and PO industrial packaging plastic bags, manual and machine stretch films, various shrink films, packing tapes, sealing glue and other packaging materials.

Company Information

 High-quality enterprises such as Zhuhai Flextronics, Gree Electric Appliances, and Panasonic have maintained good cooperative relations.


Why Choose Us?

Zhuhai Jimu Blister Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in Qinshi Industrial Zone, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Sanzao Town, Zhuhai City. It is about 8 kilometers away from Zhuhai Airport. , now the company has the production and technical capacity of processing 1,000 tons of raw materials per month and a group of experienced technical backbones. The company has mature anti-static treatment technology for plastic products, product development and design, and high-end mold production capabilities.  In 2017, the company built a new dust-free workshop of 1,000 square meters, and obtained the national industrial product food packaging production license. It is a rare enterprise in Zhuhai that specializes in the production of food blister packaging.

Our Factory

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To achieve this goal, the company has implemented a complete ISO9001:2008 quality management system to help the company establish, maintain and monitor processes to ensure that the company provides high-quality products and services. The system is applicable to all aspects of the company's operations, from product design and development to production delivery.

The company has also established an ISO14000 environmental control system to monitor and manage the company's environmental impact. The system helps companies comply with environmental regulations and minimize their carbon footprint, a key step in achieving sustainable growth.

The company adheres to the management philosophy of loyalty, dedication, unity, diligence, innovation and progress, and has created a positive and effective workplace culture. This culture lays the foundation for the company's growth and emphasizes the company's commitment to its employees.