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Durable and Safe PET Disposable Fruit and Vegetable Container

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Introducing our innovative and reliable conjoined fruit boxes designed to provide secure packaging solutions for your fresh produce. Our fruit boxes have been crafted with utmost precision and consideration for ensuring your fruits and vegetables reach their destination in pristine condition.

One of the key features of our conjoined fruit boxes is their tight buckle design. The closure of the box buckle is so robust that it guarantees a firm grip, preventing any accidental falls or openings during transportation. No more worrying about your fruits spilling out or getting damaged during delivery. Our boxes are specifically engineered to stay tightly closed even when the boxes are picked upside down.

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We offer a wide range of options to cater to your specific packaging needs. Whether you require a larger quantity or desire smaller packages, we have you covered. Our 500G conjoined fruit box comes with 100 pieces, ensuring an ample supply for your business. For those with smaller requirements, our 250G conjoined fruit box includes 200 pieces. Additionally, we offer the convenience of purchasing in bulk with our 800G conjoined fruit boxes consisting of 100 pieces.

When it comes to protection, our fruit boxes excel in providing excellent compression resistance. The thickness of the finished product is uniform, allowing the boxes to withstand pressure without compromising the integrity of the packaging. You can rely on our boxes to safeguard your fruits and vegetables against any mishandling or potential accidents that may occur during transit.


Product Introduction

Durable and Safe PET Disposable Fruit and Vegetable Container2

At the same time, we understand the importance of showcasing your beautiful produce. So, we have ensured that our fruit boxes possess high transparency, allowing your customers to admire the fresh, vibrant colors of the fruits inside. The boxes are made from PET material, which guarantees clarity and avoids any blemishes such as scratches or wire drawing.

Your product will be displayed in the best possible light, enticing consumers to choose your produce over others.

Lastly, our conjoined fruit boxes are designed to be disposable for your convenience. After use, simply discard them responsibly, knowing that you have contributed to maintaining cleanliness and sustainability within your business.

Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free packaging solution that not only protects your fruits and vegetables but also takes into account environmental factors.

Product Advantage

In conclusion, our conjoined fruit boxes combine strength, durability, and impeccable design to offer you the perfect packaging solution for your fresh produce.

With features like the tight buckle, compressive strength, high transparency, and disposable nature, our fruit boxes ensure your fruits and vegetables reach your customers in optimal condition while also keeping environmental sustainability in mind. Trust our fruit boxes and elevate your packaging game to new heights.

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